Sniper Assassin shooting game

Play the role of a mercenary sniper in sniper assassin shooting game.

Sniper Assassin

There are 6 missions in total and you have to focus if you want to finish the game Sniper Assassin. At first, you will receive a simple task: you have to kill someone who is returning from a baseball game. You have a simple sniper rifle and you will only see the world through its scope. This means that you have to move around the screen continuously if you don't want to miss your target. You won't know exactly who you have to kill and this is exactly why you need to check the entire map and see if you can spot your target based on the clues you receive. Some other levels of Sniper Assassin will require you to be stealth, while others require you to kill everyone you see. If you kill an innocent person or miss your target, you will have to retry that particular level. This game can sometimes be considered a puzzle game, but figuring out who your target is won't be extremely difficult. Your mission notes will always be displayed at the button side of the screen, so keeping in line with the demands won't be that difficult. You don't even have to worry about bullets since they're unlimited.

Sniper Assassin is a great flash game and you will most likely finish the 6 levels quite rapidly, especially if you've played this type of game before.